Chalet Belmont

a pleasant escape from daily routine

Chalet Belmont – the perfect destination to escape the daily routine and enjoy the calm and beauty of nature! With a capacity of 18 seats, the villa has 9 rooms, each with private bathroom and balcony, living room for dining and relaxing, fully equipped kitchen and terrace. And because nothing compares to the time spent outside, the courtyard of the villa offers generous green space, gazebo with barbecue, and a view that will remain in your soul.

Hiking and beautiful memories

Whether you visit us in the company of family or friends, you will not have time to get bored. The options of activities are numerous regardless of the season.

The warm season is for fun, hiking and beautiful memories, and in the cold season we welcome you after skiing with warmth and relaxation in the company of a mulled wine.

We are glad to have you visiting, so the teas and coffee are offered to you from the house, during the whole holiday.

  • Pârtia Cazacu - Teleski

    Lungime: 400m, Dificultate: Medie, Diferența de nivel: 115m.

  • Pârtia Cazacu - Variantă

    Lungime: 1.920m, Dificultate: Medie, Diferența de nivel: 530m.

  • Babyski Cazacu

    Lungime: 150m, Dificultate: Foarte ușoară, Special pentru cei ce vor să învețe să schieze.

  • Pârtia Sorica

    Lungime: 2.100m, Dificultate: Medie, Diferența de nivel: 561m.

  • Pârtia Sorica - Teleski

    Finalul Pârtiei Sorica, Lungime: 700m, Dificultate: Medie, Instalație de iluminat nocturnă.

  • Pârtia Sorica - Sud

    Lungime: 770m, Dificultate: Ușoară, Diferența de nivel: 154m.

  • Partia Sorica - La Stână

    Lungime: 910m, Dificultate: Ușoară, Diferența de nivel: 154m.

The main tourist attraction is the ski area, which has modern facilities. Azuga can be proud of the first ski slope in Romania approved by the International Ski Federation – Sorica slope. For this reason, but also due to the massive investments in tourism infrastructure that have taken place recently, Azuga has developed visibly.

If you want to learn to ski, Azuga is definitely the right place to take your first steps. The resort is cheaper and less crowded than other resorts in the Prahova Valley, and the slopes are very carefully maintained and have strict rules that do not allow for example the access of sleds in any form on the slopes to protect skiers. In addition, ski instructors in Azuga are very experienced.